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Summer 2022: Jun. 6 - Jul. 29
Join us for 8 fun-filled weeks!


what to expect for summer 2023


We will not be requiring enrollment in all weeks this summer.  That said, we will require a minimum number of weeks (3 or more out of 8) in order to register.  Please note that after we reach 2/3 of our projected capacity, PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN for all weeks to families who are registering for 6 or more total weeks.



More than ever, it is extremely important that you only sign your child up for the weeks they will attend this summer.  After registering, if you cancel a week by May 31, there will be a 50% cancelation charge.  Cancelations after May 31 will still require full payment.


Target group sizes will again be 18 students.


Campers who exhibit any signs of illness (including, but not limited to a fever) will not be admitted to camp.  Campers who develop a fever or exhibit any other signs of illness during the camp day, will need to be picked up from camp immediately.  Once notified by camp that your child is ill, parents are expected to pick up the ill child (or have someone else on the pick up list pick up the ill child) within 1 hour.  Campers who inform camp staff of any illnesses or symptoms (whether verifiable or not) will also fall under this category and will need to be picked up.  In addition, please note that campers who test positive for COVID-19 will need to remain out of camp for the time period noted by the CDC and / or Florida Dept. of Health.  At this time, a camper is eligible to return 5 days AFTER the start of symptoms as long as camper is recovered (and should be in a face mask for an additional 5 days).  Campers who have been exposed to COVID-19 will not be required to isolate, as long as that exposure is not ongoing.  Campers who have been exposed to COVID-19 should wear a mask for 10 days from exposure.  If exposure occurs inside the home and the camper is not able to isolate from the person(s) with COVID-19, camper will need to remain out of camp until exposure has ended (everyone is healthy again) and should wear a mask for 10 days.  The decision to wear a face mask for staff, campers, and parents / guardians (except those listed above for individuals returning from illness or potential exposure) will be optional. That said, while it currently seems unlikely, as this situation is still “fluid”, the face mask expectations could change throughout the course of the summer.   I agree to comply (and have my child comply) with all current camper health expectations.


Please remember that the most significant way to prevent this and many other illnesses is to NOT SEND your child to camp if he / she is feeling ill in any way or has any symptoms.

At this point, thankfully we do not foresee any full group, classroom, or campus wide closures due to cases of COVID-19, as that policy has now been updated by the state and local officials.  That said, as mentioned above, this is still a fluid situation and as with most things could become subject to change.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate this.


We have some amazing field trips lined up for Camp CUBBER 2023!  In addition, campers will also enjoy at least one special onsite activity and one fun spirit day each week as well.  Those will be listed on the field trip / activity schedule once finalized (prior to the start of registration).

Please remember that Camp CUBBER does not have control of the weather and there is always a possibility that an outdoor field trip could be rained out, especially during the summer.  There are also other circumstances that may occur that are outside of our control (field trip location issue, transportation issue, etc.).  Camp DOES NOT have the ability to move or reschedule trips.  If possible, the cancelled trip will be replaced with a special onsite event.  NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN DUE TO FIELD TRIP CANCELLATIONS OR CHANGES.



Registration:  $45 (Stars & Comets), $55 (Returning Campers), $65 (New Campers)

Weekly Tuition* (K - 4th Grade):  $165 per week / per child for Sessions 1 - 4, 6 - 8; $99 per child / per week for Session 5

Weekly Tuition* (5th - 8th Grade):  $175 per week / per child for Sessions 1 - 4, 6 - 7; $99 per child / per week for Session 5; $185 per child per week for Session 8

*Sibling discount of $5 per week available on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th child (must be attending same weeks).


Campers will need to bring a lunch from home daily (and campers will eat in their classrooms).  Camp  will again provide a lunch on Fridays for all campers at no additional cost (included in your tuition).  Typically that will be a pizza lunch.  Pizza lunch will include one or two slices of pizza, chips, dessert, and drink.  If you feel like that will not be enough lunch for your child, you are obviously welcome to pack a supplemental lunch on Fridays.  Some field trips may include lunch as part of the trip.  Those will be noted as such on the Week @ A Glance Calendar.  Camp will also continue to offer afternoon snack (also included).



We will offer car circle from 7:00 AM - 9:15 AM.  This is the preferred way to drop off campers in the morning.  Campers will be assigned one of three drop-off locations (based on grade of the child).  If there is a line, camper must remain in their vehicle until driver is able to pull up to the check in staff.  Families with campers in multiple age groups may have to visit multiple check-in locations.  If your child is not present by 9:15 AM when car circle closes, he / she will be considered absent for the day.  If your child has an earlier departure than 9:15 AM for a field trip he / she will need to arrive at the earlier field trip departure time, which will be listed on the Week @ a Glance Calendars during the summer.


Campers should be picked up between 3:45 PM and 6:00 PM by coming into the building.  Parents will need to park and come in using the double doors underneath the large blue overhang.  Advance notice will be needed if pickup must occur before 3:45 PM.  Camp ends promptly at 6:00 PM.  Because the pickup process will take longer than in prior years, please be sure to plan accordingly and allow yourself additional time to come into the facility, sign out, and proceed to your child’s room by arriving prior to 5:55 PM.  Late fees will be strictly enforced this summer.


Most groups will have 2 group leaders working opposite shifts.  One group leader will work a morning shift, and one will work an afternoon shift.  These will primarily be the same group leaders interacting with your child throughout the course of the summer.  We hope that campers will establish fantastic relationships with their group leaders again this summer as that has always been one of the best parts of Camp CUBBER.



Being active is a big part of camp and that won’t change!  Campers will have both indoor and an outdoor active play time.  Indoor active play will be in the gymnasium or another larger room and outdoor active play will be on the playground, field, court, etc.  Both indoor and outdoor active play time will still be with only the campers in their group.  Play equipment will be cleaned / sanitized before and after each use.  There will also be active games as part of the regular daily camp activities in each group’s room.



We have learned a lot during the last few years, and one of those things is how nice it is for campers to have a dedicated space.  Campers will have a homeroom where extended care, lunch, group activities, as well as many of their other daily activities will occur.  That said, campers will have the opportunity to leave their homeroom throughout the day for some of their classes and activities, including: open session, indoor active play, twice for outdoor active play (weather permitting), a visit to the game room, build & play, and of course for field trips and special onsite activities.  In addition, campers will enjoy both art and STEM as a classroom teacher visits each room to do projects with each group.  Plus, group leaders will be provided with materials, curriculum, and technical assistance to do several camp style activities during the day including things like art, STEM, music, group games, and more.



Perhaps it goes without saying, but we plan to maintain our already stringent cleaning practices.  Campers will wash hands regularly (and always before and after doing things like going to / from active play, going to use the bathroom, or even playing a group game in the classroom with any shared materials, etc.).  Hand washing will be done in the presence of a staff member to make sure it is being done appropriately and hand sanitizer will be used if / when a staff member cannot directly observe hand washing (or a sink is not available).  Classrooms will continue to be thoroughly cleaned at night and areas that are likely “hot spots” like doorknobs, handles, faucets, and shared play equipment will be cleaned / sanitized rigorously.

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Camp CUBBER is proud to be a ministry of Palm Harbor United Methodist Church

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