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Bear Packs - My First Summer Camp Experience


Grades: Entering Kindergarten - 2nd Grade


Teacher/Student Ratio: 1 / 18 onsite, (often with a group leader and teacher working with the group), 1 / 9 offsite

Staff: Consists of primarily teachers from Stars & Comets, The Robin’s Nest Preschool, and other area schools / preschools


Weekly Special Activities: 1 Off Site Field Trip, 1 On Site Special Activity, and 1 Camp Spirit Fun Day


Daily Activities: Art, Group Games, Reading, Science, Music, Build & Play, Playground, Centers, and Kindergarten / School Readiness Skills


Faith Component: Character Development & Recognition, Open Session several mornings a week with Christian Praise Songs, Prayer, Bible Stories / Values Lessons, Prayer Before Food, and Teacher Led Stories / Reading that may include Faith Based Content


Daily Goal: Learning through fun and hands-on activities, positive social interaction, and development of vital character values through positive behavior recognition.

More About Our BEAR PACKS Groups:

Camp CUBBER has been serving the families of north Pinellas for over 30 years now.  What we know from that rich experience is that regardless of their child’s age, parents want a summer camp experience for their child that is fun, safe, and family friendly.  They want a place where their child will interact and grow cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically.  That desire is never more true than for families with a child going into Kindergarten and first grade.  These kids, who will be experiencing camp for the first time, are forming that link between preschool (or the home) and the Kindergarten or 1st Grade classroom environment.


At Camp CUBBER we help form that connection through our Bear Pack Age Group, which serves only children entering Kindergarten through 2nd Grade the upcoming school year.  This program, though very much a part of Camp CUBBER, is in part somewhat its own entity as well.  Our Bear Pack campers will have their own dedicated staff, their own separate opening session, and their own separate field trips.  They will participate in some of the Camp CUBBER activities (including art, music, science, creative play, and more), but in moderation, to make sure that they get introduced to the summer camp environment in just the right way.


Because we understand that this is potentially your child's first summer camp experience (and possibly your first summer camp experience as a parent), we try to make that transition as easy as possible.  One of the ways that we do that is by scheduling at least one week of only onsite guests and onsite activities before we start adding offsite field trips.  Just a way for you and your camper to become more familiar with camp before heading off on a field trip.  Bear Pack field trips will include places like: Pump It Up, the all new Tarpon Aquarium, MOSI, and much more. Plus with onsite guests and activities like: live animal shows, science shows, magic shows, children’s theater performance groups, inflatables, a carnival, and even more, your child will be thrilled to attend camp with our Bear Packs (specific activities vary each summer).  But don’t miss out, spaces are limited and we usually are full within the first few weeks of registration.


For campers entering Kindergarten through

2nd grade the following school year.


For campers entering 2nd grade through

4th grade the following school year.


For campers entering 6th grade through

8th grade the following school year.

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