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Rotation Schedule:  Where your child is throughout the day 


This diagram / lets you know where your child is when they are here on campus.  Just find their group and follow the line across left to right to find the time you are looking for.

Please note, the schedule will be slightly varied for Session 3 (VBS / VBX Week), but those changes should only impact time during our camp activity day (with impacted times from approximately 9:00 AM - 12:45 PM).


Obviously if your child scheduled to be on a field trip or at a special onsite activity, that will supersede this schedule (so be sure to look at the Week @ A Glance Calendar with those times as well).  


Depending on end times of activities / return times of field trips, campers will either go the class they are scheduled to be in upon return or their closing These schedules will also be posted around the campus for your convenience.

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