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Expedition Groups - Setting Out to Explore All That Camp Has to Offer!


Grades: Entering 2nd - 4th


Teacher/Student Ratio: 1 / 18 onsite, (with a group leader and teacher in several rooms), 1 / 9 offsite


Staff: Stars & Comets staff, college students, school teachers / aides

Weekly Special Activities: 1 Off Site Field Trip, 1 On Site Special Activity, and 1 Camp Spirit Fun Day

Daily Activities: Art, Science Discovery, Reading, Music, Sports & Rec, Build & Play, Arcade, and More


Faith Component: Character Development & Recognition, Open Session several mornings a week with Christian Praise Songs, Prayer, Bible Stories / Values Lessons, Prayer Before Food, and Daily Character / Life Skills Class with Faith Based Curriculum


Goal: Every camper has fun, enjoying their summer break through field trips and onsite activities with the opportunity to grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually.

More About Our Expedition Groups:

Campers entering 2nd through 4th grade are built and primed to explore.  They are ready to explore all that Camp CUBBER has to offer, from the great daily activities and special onsite guests to the exciting field trips.  Campers entering 2nd through 4th grade will also participate in opening session complete with live praise and worship, games, skits, and much more every Monday morning.


We know that these campers are making the transition from Kindergarten - 2nd Grade our Bear Packs Groups to being a full part of Camp CUBBER, and we seek to make that transition as smooth as possible.  Our Expedition Groups @ Camp CUBBER will participate in many of the great amenities of camp, while still having the opportunity of being separate.  Expedition Group campers will still be in age appropriate classrooms (with kids in their grade level) and do activities specifically designed for them.  Expedition Group campers will also eat lunch and snack with only their groups.  Expedition Group campers enjoy their own field trips geared especially towards their age group.  Some of those weekly trips might include places like: Pump It Up, Future Flipz, Clearwater Aquarium, Bowling, Movies @ AMC Theaters, Lowry Park Zoo, Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise, and MOSI (field trips vary by year).  Expedition Group campers will also experience one onsite guest or activity, which could include: Live Animal or Science Shows, Onsite Inflatables or Miniature Golf, Live Magic or Theater Shows, and much more.


We want every camper to have a great time here @ Camp CUBBER.  That means a summer that is specifically tailored for each age group and offering lots of variety and fun for campers choosing to attend just a few weeks or most of the summer.   Plus you can select which weeks you want your child to attend so that you are sure that the field trips and activities are right for your family.  As with all age groups, registration begins in March, but please note that our Expedition Groups tends to be our largest section of camp (and quickest to fill up).  So don't miss out, register early!


For campers entering Kindergarten through

2nd grade the following school year.


For campers entering 2nd grade through

4th grade the following school year.


For campers entering 6th grade through

8th grade the following school year.

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