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Space Teams - Everything a 5th through 8th Grade

Student Could Want


Grades: Entering 5th - 8th

Teacher/Student Ratio: 1 / 18 - 1/20 onsite, (with a group leader and teacher in many rooms), 1 / 9 - 1 / 10 offsite

Staff: Stars & Comets staff, college students, school teachers / aides 

Weekly Special Activities: 1 Off Site Field Trip, 1 On Site Special Activity, and 1 Camp Spirit Fun Day

Daily Activities: Art, STEM / Science Discovery, Creative Writing & Reading, Music, Video / Drama, Sports & Rec, Arcade, and More


Faith Component: Character Development & Recognition, Open Session several mornings a week with Christian Praise Songs, Prayer, Bible Stories / Values Lessons, Prayer Before Food, and Daily Character / Life Skills Class with Faith Based Curriculum


Goal: Every camper has fun, enjoying their summer break through field trips and onsite activities with the opportunity to grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually.

More About Our SPACE TEAMS:

The Space Teams age group offers students a fast paced, high energy, action packed summer filled with exciting adventures, good friends, and more fun that should possibly fit in one summer.  So if you’re looking to give your rising 5th - 8th grade student the summer of his or her dreams, you’ve come to the right place!


When developing a program for this age group 20 years ago, we noticed a definite need for a summer program for older elementary and middle school aged students.  These students are at a vital age where a positive influence in their life could mean a world of difference.  They are... at a crossroad in their life.  Not yet high schoolers, and definitely no longer elementary, they seek to define who they truly are.  It is our goal to help with that transition, while offering a fun, and exciting summer program.


Some typical trips and activities for Space Teams include:  Dave & Buster's Tampa, Game Time, a Tampa Bay Rays Game, Vertical Ventures Indoor Rock Climbing, MOSI, Adventure Island, Splash Harbour Water Park, Treehoppers, and much more!  Field trips vary by year.  Plus in addition to the weekly field trip, Space Teams students enjoy 1 special onsite activity, and 1 camp spirit fun day every week, so they are constantly having fun and keeping busy.  Plus while on site they enjoy some great activity rooms as well including: Gameroom, Science, Creative Writing and Reading, a VR Room, Art, Sports & Rec, and much more.  But don’t miss out.  Spaces will fill fast.  Registration begins in March.


For campers entering Kindergarten through

2nd grade the following school year.


For campers entering 2nd grade through

4th grade the following school year.


For campers entering 6th grade through

8th grade the following school year.

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