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Code of Conduct / Discipline and Expulsion Policy:

Reasonable rules and regulations are essential to ensure each child’s safety and allow each child to experience full enjoyment of our program. PLEASE REVIEW THE PROGRAM’S CODE OF CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINE POLICY WITH YOUR CHILD. Please note that physical punishment will not be used in any form at Stars & Comets. We will not subject your child to discipline that is severe, humiliating, or frightening. Neither will we associate discipline with food, rest, or toileting.

    1. Camper will stay with program staff in assigned area & must have consent from staff to go to another area. Camper will not wander or leave the group at any time without prior permission.

    2. Camper will show courtesy, respect, and good manners toward fellow campers and staff members.

    3. Camper will not lie or intentionally mislead staff or other campers.

    4. Camper will not use abusive, crude, obscene, sexual, or inappropriate language, writing, or gestures.

    5. Camper will not bring items (books, magazines, electronic devices, etc.) with abusive, crude, obscene, sexual, or

      inappropriate language, writing, gestures, or displays with them to the program. Camper will not seek out abusive, crude, obscene, sexual, or inappropriate language, writing, gestures, or displays on program or personal computers or electronic devices.

    6. Camper will not exhibit “bullying” behavior. Camp CUBBER defines “bullying” behavior as a repetition, pattern, or combination of any of the following behaviors: name calling, shaming, intimidating, targeting, being aggressive towards another student, or ostracizing / excluding / isolating another student.

    7. Camper will keep hands and feet to themselves. No kicking, hitting, pushing, inappropriate touch, etc. - ABSOLUTELY NO FIGHTING.

    8. Camper will be respectful of property belonging to the center and fellow campers. Camper will not break or damage property through intent, malice, or careless behavior. Parent / Guardian will be responsible for payment of any damaged or destroyed property.

    9. Good sportsmanship and fair play must be displayed at all times.

    10. Camper will not bring violent toys or instruments or items that could be used as such.

    11. Camper will respect other camper’s “personal space”.

    12. Camper will do his / her best to keep face mask on indoors and at all times when it is required to do so.

    13. Camper will abide by all bus / van safety rules.

      1. Camper will remain seated and have SEAT BELT BUCKLED AT ALL TIMES

      2. Camper will exit bus / van ONLY as the driver or staff member directs

      3. Camper will remain in assigned loading area and will not enter bus / van until the driver or camp staff member indicates it is safe to do so

      4. A quiet voice will be used at all times – NO YELLING

      5. Camper will sit in assigned seat if designated or if the driver appoints one 6. Camper will refrain from eating and drinking while on the bus / van

We seek to set appropriate limits and utilize positive techniques to encourage and guide our campers’ behavior. That can be seen in a variety of ways, from color charts, positive reinforcement and public recognition of positive behavior, use of the treasure box or other reward systems, and using a program wide bear bucks / auction points behavior system.

FAILURE TO OBEY THE ABOVE RULES WILL RESULT IN A PROGRESSION OF DISCIPLINARY ACTION DEEMED APPROPRIATE BY PROGRAM STAFF / ADMINISTRATION. The disciplinary action will be based on the severity of the camper’s action / incident that occurred. Should behavior be extreme or repeated, multiple steps will likely be skipped.


  1. Verbal warning(s) and / or redirection

  2. A period of “time out” (in view of staff member) which may include missed time during a field trip / special activity or

    being relocated to an alternate group for a brief period of time

  3. A one on one behavior discussion with the group leader or administrator

  4. A written notice with details of behavior, requiring parent / guardian signature

  5. A parent conference with the Director by phone

  6. Camper may be moved to a different class / group for a period of time to be determined by the Director

  7. When it is deemed necessary by the Director, parent / guardian may be called to take the camper home

  8. An in-person parent conference with the Director, group leader, and camper

  9. Camper may be suspended from the program for one (1) to five (5) days. Length of suspension will be determined

    by the Director based on the behavior, situation, and any other circumstances.

  10. If the camper cannot be kept safe in our care, the camper is jeopardizing the safety of other campers in our care, the camper has shown repeated issues with the same behavior regardless of consequence, or a behavior / action (or progression of behaviors / actions) is deemed extreme the camper may be expelled from the program at the discretion of the Director

  11. Any behavior that is deemed malicious, violent, sexual, or results in physical and / or property damage may result in advanced stages of discipline, including, but not limited to, immediate suspension or expulsion from the program (to be determined by Director)

  12. Should a camper be sent home early, suspended or expelled from the program, there will be no refund of tuition or cost reduction for time or days missed. For campers who are expelled from the program, no additional payments should be collected or due after the date of expulsion.

  13. Campers who reach advanced stages of disciplinary action or display repeated inappropriate behavior (receiving multiple written behavior notices) may not be eligible for enrollment in future summers.

Camp CUBBER and its staff / administration reserves the right to implement any of the above steps deemed necessary, based on the severity of the behavior or actions taken by the camper.

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