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Grade Levels:

K - 8th Grade


Mondays through Fridays from

June 3 - August 2

Please note that camp is closed the final full week before school begins (Aug. 5 - 9).

Choice of Weeks:

Sign up for your choice of weeks (at least 3 or more).  Please note that some weeks may also have a minimum requirement of total weeks enrolled in order to be eligible.

Hours Open:

7:000 AM - 6:00 PM with normal camp activities from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM and free extended care offered before and after that.

2023 Weekly Cost:

Includes all field trips and activities and an afternoon snack

K - 4th Grade:

Sessions 1 - 4, 6 - 8:  $165 each

Session 4:  $99

5th - 8th Grade:

Sessions 1 - 4, 6 - 7:  $175 each

Session 5:  $99

Session 8:  $185

There are 2 forms of payment accepted:

  • EFT (electronic funds transfer) which is the preferred method of payment

  • Entire Summer Pre-Pay. Please note, if electing to pay via Pre-Pay instead of EFT, there will be a 3% surcharge for all tuition payments made via credit card.  No surcharge on Pre-Pay tuition payments made via cash, check, or money order.

2023 Registration:

$45 - S & C students

$55 - Returning campers

$65 - New campers

Registration fee includes a camp t-shirt and camp backpack (backpack issued on first day of attendance)

What’s Included:

Just about everything!  Field trips, activities, afternoon snack, and even cheese pizza lunch on Fridays are all included.

Daily On Site Activities:

Varies by age group but include: Art,  Music, Science, Game Room, Sports & Recreation, Creative Writing & Reading, Music / Drama, and more.


Special On Site Activities and

Field Trips:  Also vary by age group and weeks.  Check out the camp detail pages (below) or the registration packet for specifics.


2023 Cancellation Fees:

- Cancel by May 31 - 50% tuition due

- Cancel after May 31 - FULL TUITION


are infused into the DNA of camp.  Each week focuses on a different character value and each Monday begins with Opening Session featuring live music and a short teaching by Pastor Keith or one of our church / camp staff.

Faith & Character Values

Part of what makes Camp CUBBER so special is that there is something here for EVERYONE!  We accept students from Kindergarten through 8th Grade, but each grade has their own group and are in different rooms.   In fact, most grade levels have multiple groups and rooms.  Plus daily on site activities include so many choices, that your child is bound to find something they love.  Whether its art for your creative child, science for your inquisitive kid, computer lab for your technical one, or the arcade for your video game nut, each child is bound to have fun... its almost inevitable.


Camp CUBBER is the perfect fit for your child this summer.  With enough fun, variety, exciting trips, and amazing activities to last all summer, Camp CUBBER is perfect for the camper who wants to attend all summer or just for a few weeks.  And that’s all up to you.  You choose the weeks you plan for your child to attend.  That way you know that the camp trips and activities will be right for your child and what weeks fit your summer schedule!


And that’s just the half of it.  With plenty of special on site activities too, like science shows, animal shows, magic shows, inflatables, and more, there’s no end to how much fun they will have here at camp.  Plus each grade goes on different field trips designed especially for that age group.  Each group has at least 3 of these activities each week (1 off site field trip, 1 on site special activity, and 1 onsite camp spirit fun day).  Students are transported to and from field trips on either one of the church’s 25 passenger shuttle buses, the church’s 11 passenger vans, or rented transportation (usually school buses and occasionally charter buses).  All vehicles have passed current safety regulations and have seat belts for all passengers.


Plus every child starts their week with opening session - an interactive experience with live kid’s style praise and worship music with a full band; crazy, silly, and interactive games; hilarious, live and video recorded skits, a short message or Bible story from Pastor Dave, Rev. Cathy, or a member of the church / camp staff and much more... all during opening session.  What a great way to start what promises to be a great day, full of fun for every camper.



While we believe Camp CUBBER will be a positive experience for most children, there are some parts of Camp CUBBER that can be difficult for certain potential campers or their families and should be considered before registering:

  • Camp CUBBER is a fast-paced summer camp with lots of transitions. Campers change rooms / activities often. Regular routines are also often broken up by special activities or field trips.  Campers must be willing and able to make all transitions with their class.  Campers that struggle with transitions or having their regular routines shifted may not find Camp CUBBER to be a good fit.

  • Camp also begins many mornings with an opening session time that features moving / changing / strobing theatrical lighting, live music, and a large audience (can be as many as 400 - 500 people in attendance).  Campers that are easily over stimulated, are averse to large crowds, or who are prone to seizures or other conditions that may be impacted by the lighting, sound, etc. may not find Camp CUBBER to be a good fit.

  • Campers will have use of screens and electronic devices (video game systems, iPads, computers, etc.) in some rooms as part of the camp day.  Camp activities could also include a movie experience (on or off site) as well as videos that are part of the learning experience.  We know screens and device use can be difficult for some campers (over stimulation or hard to stop once begun).  Campers will need to be able to use those appropriately, transition appropriately after use, and understand that screens / devices are not a part of many other parts of the camp day and will only be used at appropriate times.

  • We are targeting approximately 18 campers in each group again this summer, typically with one group leader (when on campus), so prospective campers should be prepared for a large group class format.  Also, most of our staff are not specifically trained to work with students with special needs. Prospective campers who need one-on-one care (or one- on-a-few care) will not find Camp CUBBER to be a good fit.

  • As part of the group nature and atmosphere of camp, campers will need to be able to interact well with other campers in their group, especially without being overly aggressive, even in trying or frustrating circumstances.  Campers will need to stay with their group at all times.  At no time may a camper leave the room or area without permission from a group leader, this applies even in trying or frustrating circumstances as well.

  • Campers will go on a field trip each week. Those trips are a part of the camp experience and we do not have the staff or ability to offer alternate accommodations if campers do not want to go (or if families do not want their child to go). Families may, of course, chose to keep their child home on a field trip day if desired. While it does not occur often, please be aware that some field trips may leave rather early or return after the close of the camp day.  Even when not specifically leaving early, field trip days can be tiring and make for long days for campers.  Campers will need to be able to balance both the excitement and exhaustion of going on a field trip with their group.  In addition, transportation is typically provided on church shuttle buses or school buses, and on occasion on passenger vans or charter buses. These forms of transportation can sometimes be difficult on campers that struggle with motion sickness.  

  • Camp CUBBER is a large summer camp with a huge campus that can be a bit overwhelming at times for new families and pickup persons coming for the first few times. Also, because of the size of the campus and number of campers, drop-off / pickup can take longer than other summer camps at times and parents should plan accordingly.

  • Camp CUBBER provides a schedule that shows where campers are throughout the day. We do our best to stick to that schedule, but there are occasions it must be altered due to staffing, attendance, or building maintenance and the person picking up may be redirected to an alternate room (upon arriving to the room your child should be in) requiring additional time and walking to another room. We ask for additional patience during these times. And as always, if you need help locating your child, please feel free to see an office staff.

  • Camp CUBBER is a church summer camp. Campers will encounter Christian music and elements of the Christian faith while at camp (see #13 of our fees, policies, and conduct page). Please note that we DO NOT provide alternate accommodations to remove campers of varying faiths during those times.

Check out more specific information on your child’s age groups:


For campers entering Kindergarten through

2nd grade the following school year.

For campers entering 2nd grade through

4th grade the following school year.

For campers entering 5th grade through

8th grade the following school year.

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