When is the earliest I can register?

Camp CUBBER offers priority registration for a couple of different groups:

March 5 - 7 and March 12 - 14

will be priority registration for current families of Stars & Comets, The Robin's Nest, Westlake Christian School, and PHUMC Members.

March 19 - 21

will be priority registration for returning Camp CUBBER families.

Open registration will start on March 26 with select dates until camp is filled.

Do I need to wait to pickup the paperwork until I arrive or is it available ahead of time?

Registration field trip / activity schedules as well as the complete registration packet are all  available online now (on the registration page).  They are also available for pickup in the camp office. Having them completely filled out in advance is the easiest way to speed up the registration process.


How are registrations accepted?

Once open registration begins, registration is accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Priority registration is available to Stars & Comets families, Westlake Christian families, Robin’s Nest families, PHUMC members, and returning camp families.  See above for dates.  Once a week is full for a certain age group, we will no longer be able to take students for that week for that age group.


What happens if one of the weeks I wanted is full?

At that point, parents may decide to place their child on a "waiting list" for the week(s) that were full to see if that week becomes available.  Priority is given to those students who are on the waiting list earliest (so still based on the first come, first served method).


Does that mean I need to be there as soon as registration opens to register my child?

When you register is completely up to you.  Though registration is accepted on a first come, first served basis, we have never filled up in the first day or prior to open registration beginning.  We have seen some weeks for some groups fill in as quickly as one week after open registration in the past, so I would definitely suggest that if you want to have your choice of weeks you register within the first week of open registration.  Many parents do show up bright and early on the first day of open registration to make sure they secure a spot for their child and that is great too.  But please, no camping out.  We don't want the church looking like a Best Buy on Black Friday.  In addition, this year we will be adding the option to set an appointment during specific registration windows.  More info on that coming soon!


How long does the registration process take?

If you set an appointment, registration should be completed in less than 15 minutes (provided you have all of your registration paperwork completely filled out correctly).  Without an appointment (as a walk-in) it is hard to say what your wait time will be because it really does depend on the number of families in line ahead of you.  Truthfully, the wait time without an appointment could be anywhere from 5 minutes to over an hour.  The largest lines for walk-ins are typically at the beginning and end of each registration window.


When are registration packets accepted?

Registration hours will be set soon.  Check the registration page for times.


Do I really need to turn my packet in to a camp office staff?

The simple answer - YES!!!  Since we cannot accept partial packets, packets with errors, or packets with partial payments, any packets that are turned in that way will be marked as pending and WILL NOT be entered.  Spaces are not guaranteed until your paperwork has been accepted and reviewed by a camp office staff. A camp office staff will go over your paperwork with you to make sure it is completely filled out and that you are paying the right amount.


Can I just leave my paperwork with a church staff member instead turning it into a camp office staff?

Unfortunately, no.  Please turn your paperwork in to a camp office staff during regular registration hours only. 


I only have a few small things missing on my paperwork.  Will it still be accepted? 

Unfortunately, no.  Registration paperwork must be completely filled out in order to be accepted.  That includes full street addresses, zip codes, phone numbers, etc.  When registering, the camp office staff will ask for any missing information at the time of registration (which will obviously slow down your registration process).  The best solution is to have it completely filled out ahead of time.


I have filled out my paperwork, but I haven't had it notarized yet.  Where can I get it notarized?

You can have your registration paperwork notarized ahead of time if you like, or we can notarize your registration paperwork here @ the camp office.  We will have notaries on site during camp registration hours.  If we are going to notarize your camp paperwork please make sure you bring your state issued driver's license / photo ID, passport, or military ID.


What else do I need to bring to register?

Other than your completed registration packet and a photo ID (if we are notarizing your paperwork), you will need all monies due at registration.  This includes the registration fee, the last week of tuition, and the meal plan cost (if paying at registration to take advantage of the discount).  Those monies can all be paid with one check or money order if desired. You will also want to bring an additional check to void and attach to your EFT form (auto withdrawal), which is our preferred method of payment.


So exactly how much money will be required at registration?

That will depend on a few things - 

1)  Whether you are a new camper, returning camper, or current Stars & Comets family?

2)  Whether you are paying via EFT or Prepay.

3)  If you will be taking advantage of paying for the meal plan @ registration to receive the discount.


To register, all families will need to pay the registration fee.  In addition families who will not be paying via EFT will need to prepay for all of the weeks your child is enrolling in for the summer.  Families who are paying via EFT WILL NOT need to pay any tuition payments at the time of registration (only the registration fee and any extras like meal plan and shirts).  Families paying via EFT will have the tuition for their child’s last scheduled week collected via EFT on May 1.  If you are taking advantage of the registration price for the meal plan, that must be paid at the time of registration ($20 per week enrolled).  You will also have the option to purchase extra camp t-shirts (many families do so since students are required to wear them on all non-swimming field trips and will go on approximately 2 of those per week).


Can I have my registration monies come out as an EFT? 

Unfortunately no.  We will set up the EFT's prior to the May 1 draw, but you will need to pay for everything due at registration with a check, money order, cash, or a credit card (Visa, Master Card, or Discover only).


Is there any benefit to paying for the summer in full?

Summer prepay does not have a cost savings advantage, so really the advantage would be to not have to think about making payments throughout the summer.   Enrollment in the camp's EFT program (auto withdrawal) is the preferred method of payment (as it allows you to make changes to your schedule without going through a lengthy refund process).


I have 19 kids (and counting), is there a sibling discount?

Why YES, there is a sibling discount Mr. or Mrs. Duggar.  There is a $5 per week discount for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 19th children.


I want to sign up, but I'm not exactly sure of our summer schedule and may need to change or cancel a week.  What should I do?

Well, again this is a bit of personal preference.  As you know, once you sign up, you are obligated to pay for all weeks that you sign up for.  So you have two options.  Your first option is to wait to sign up until you are absolutely sure of what weeks you will need and hopefully there will still be space in those weeks at that time.  Or you can sign up for the weeks you are fairly certain your family will need and pay any necessary cancellation fees if and when you need to make changes.


What is the cancellation policy?

- Cancel by March 29 - FREE

- Cancel by April 19 - $10.00

- Cancel after April 19, but by May 24 - $20.00

- Cancel after May 24, but more than 6 business days before the start of the week scheduled - $40.00

- Cancel less than 6 business days prior to the start of the week scheduled, but before 12:00 PM Thursday - $70.00

- Cancel after 12:00 PM Thursday of the week prior to the week you were scheduled to attend - FULL TUITION


What comes with the price of registration?

The cost of registration includes one camp t-shirt (which you will receive when you register) and a camp backpack, which your child will receive on their first day here at camp (so they can decorate it in Art Class).


More Questions?

You can check out the camp website,, which has lots of additional information about camp.  Also, please feel free to call us in the camp office at (727) 781 - 6343, email us at, or stop by the camp office: upstairs in Room A-215 @ Palm Harbor United Methodist Church - 1551 Belcher Rd. Palm Harbor, FL 34683.

Got more questions?

Send us an email at

PLEASE NOTE:  When camp registration begins, spaces usually fill up very quickly.  Typically we begin closing selected weeks and / or grades within the first week or so of open registration... and it does seem to happen more quickly each year.  So if you would like your choice of weeks or you want to ensure you can sign up for all summer, please utilize your priority registration window (if you have one) or register within the first few days of open registration.  Thanks!

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